DCJL course for higher study in Japan(For students)


Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJCJ Students who passed +12* (Higher Secondary Passed or higher) or above qualification can join the DCJL course for doing Higher study in Japan. (Area of study Vocational training/Engineering/Bachelor/Master degree/Doctorate/PHD/Research/Job Training/Thesis preparation/Hospitality/Mining/Constructions etc) . Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJCJ

*Those who are currently doing Higher Secondary/Secondary education (10th, 11th, 12th) can join and start to attend our online classes. In this case your Visa processing we start only after you passed +12 and you reach age 18.
Japanese class Higher study in Japan is not limited to MBBS study. During your DCJL study period in Japan, you can take admission in Engineering, MBA, Hospitality, Cooking, Framing, IT, Robertic, Aviation etc are some of the higher study fields in Japan. Most of the schools offer 100% scholarships (100% Scholarships to all students who got admission) or 0% bank loan( without any security) from Japan.
Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJCJThose who are planning to take MBBS admission(+12 minimum 50% mark required) in Japan can join our DCJL course. During your DCJL study period in Japan, you need to get special certification. All our partner schools provide free special training for those who want to get admission in MBBS(Higher study). Students who want to study MBBS, usually get admission with 100% Scholarships.
Higher study in Japan is not limited to Engineering courses. Japanese classTalented students can join Vocational Training colleges(2 year course usually) like Bread Making, Cake making, Gradaning, Framing, Crop collecting Technology, Beauticians, Physical trainer, Therapist, Automobile, Sanistation, Nailest, Construction, Crafting Fashion Technology etc. 100% students are usually placed in full-time jobs during or soon after course completion in Japan. Vocational Training college students are also eligible to get Scholarships 0% bank loan( without any security) from Japan.
Like all other foreign countries, Japan also restricted the entry of foreigners students limited only to students who have Japanese Language knowledge. So it is very necessary that you must know the Japanese language before applying for admission in University or School in Japan. In our DCJL course, you will be learning Japanese(With part-time salaried job) in Japan for about 6 month maximum 2 year. During your DCJL study period, you are free to visit universities, training colleges and take admission for your higher studies.
Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJCJYou can continue working as a part-time worker after you get admission for your higher studies in Japan. We have around 300-500 students(from many countries) in our schools in Japan. All students are learning Japanese for their higher studies in Japan. Usually all students get admission in universities, colleges or vocational training colleges from our school. Universities and colleges are visiting our school each 3month and introducing the course you can learn.
The DCJL Course is a perfect course for those who want to do higer study in Japan Read More about DCJL coure

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