Weekend Online Japanese Course - Tuition fee
Per Month Tuition fee Total Course Duration Total tuition fee
3 Month 4,500.00 (Discounted)
 1,500 × 3  =  4,500

DCJL Course
5 month
online class tuition fee
Per Month Tuition fee Total online class Duration Total tuition fee
3,600.00 *
5 Months 18,000.00
 3,600 × 5  =  18,000

*If you change weekend class to ourto DCJL course, need to pay only the difference in tuition fee for your 5 month online class.
Those who already have JLPT certification, need not attend our 5 month online class.(Please consult for next process)

Tuition fee/Hostel Fee in Japan(DCJL Course)
Tuition fee/Hostel Fee in Japan(DCJL Course)
Tuition fee for 6 Month Start from 240,000.00 INR✯✾
Hostel Fee for 6 Month 84,000.00 INR* (Shared Room)
120,000.00 INR* (Single Room)
Application and Visa Processing Fee 30,000.00 INR❉
✯ Regarding the exact tuition fee, we communicate with those who register for the DCJL course. Those who qualify for our visa sponsorship will get a written document regarding the tuition fee payment in Japan. You(or your parents/guardians/financial sponsor) need to agree and sign in our tuition fee before we process your visa applications.The Minimum Visa duration will be 1 year even if you choose only 6 month to study in Japan in our DCJL course.As we stated before, You need to pay tuition fees for your study in Japan only after your visa gets stamped in your passport. Those who pay tuition fee(in Japan) in advace will get refund, in case visa not stamped.
* Hostel fee will be varying according to single or shared room. In the case of a shared room, your roommates will be from different countries.Those who want to stay with only same gender, options are availables. Those who have friends in Japan can stay with their friends and no need to pay hostel fee. Ohter expense will be less for those who doing self-cooking. A/c, Refrigerator, TV, Washing machine, Microwave oven, Wi-Fi, Furniture, Bathtub(hot/cold water) already installed in all Hostel room.
There will be separate prayer room according to your religious for those who want to perform daily/weekly religious activity.

❉Application and Visa Processing Fee is a one time payment, those who apply for 6month or 2 year this amount will be the same. If you apply for 1 year study in Japan and decide to extend your study 1 more year in Japan, no need to pay the application and visa processing fee again. This fee includes your document processing charge, document translation charge, Visa application charge. Please note that this amount is Non-refundable(Becuse we pay amount in Immigration for you which is non refundable ).Those who qualify for visa sponsorship, only need to pay an application fee and VISA processing fee. You need to pay this amount in advace, before we send your papers to Immigration in Japan (2nd or 5th month of your online class - according to the time- Spring, or Autumn batch you travel to japan) .

✾ Students with a good academic background are eligible for various scholarships. Please consult with us for more informations.
JLPT or TOFEL not required to join DCJL course. But those who already have JLPT certification no need to attend our 5month online class.


You can earn up to 100,000.00 INR (1.5L full-time work at time vacations) of per month through your part-time job during your DCJL course study duration in Japan!!! Married people those who bring spouses (wife or husband), both of you can work and total salary(from part-time work) will cross more than 2L per month. Your income from your part-time job is more than Our DCJL course tuition fee per month in Japan. You can earn more money than you spent as DCJL tuition fee in Japan during your DCJL course study period in Japan.

Amount you SAVE through our DCJL course in Japan
Tuition fee (6 Month) Income from
part-time Job (6 Month)
DCJL course
240,000 INR* 800,000.00 INR*
530,000.00 INR*!!!(Savig)
* Total income from your part-time job and saving amount will be varying. Married people those who bring spouses (wife or husband) saving will be double from your part-time salary. It depends on how many hours you work and your hourly wages. There are students who decide not to do part-time jobs also. Saving shown above does not include hostel fee and other expenses. Japanese trainers do not guarantee your income or saving in Japan

Japanese Trainers offer the best class with an affordable tuition fee .We communicate with those who register for our DCJL course regarding our exact tuition fee in Japan. The first step you need to take to study in Japan through our DCJL course is to register for the DCJL course and start to learn Japanese. DCJL course registration is free.

  • Japanese Trainers do not accept cash payment for our admission to DCJL course through any individual or person. All payment is limited through a bank account. Please don't make any cash payment to any individual/person on behalf of Japanese Trainers. We don't have any third party or agency to accept payment from Student/Parents. All payment should be done to our Parent company Account which is NIHON GAKKO PVT LTD. Online Course payment can be done through your credit card. We use a third party company 'CASH FREE' as a credit credit processing. All credit card payments should initiate from https://japanesetrainers.com/ after our approval of your registrations.