Japanese Language Training - Weekend Course - Tuition fee
Per Month Tuition fee Total Course Duration Total tuition fee
3 Months
 2,500 × 3  =  7,500

Japanese Language Training - Weekday Course - Tuition fee
Per Month Tuition fee Duration Total tuition fee
3 Months 10,800.00
 3,600 × 3  =  10,800

DCJL Course
3 month
online class tuition fee
Per Month Tuition fee Total online class Duration Total tuition fee
5 Months 38,000.00
 7,600 × 5  =  38,000

>Japaense Trainers tuition fee in Japan start from 1.75L for 6 months in Japan. We offer the most affordable tuition fee for all our student. Japanese Trainers offer the best class with an affordable tuition fee and part-time work permit.We communicate with those who register for our DCJL course regarding our tuition fee in Japan. The first step you need to take to study in Japan through our DCJL course is to register for the DCJL course and start to learn Japanese. DCJL course registration is free.

  • Japanese Trainers do not accept cash payment for our admission to DCJL course through any individual or person. All payment is limited through a bank account. Please don't make any cash payment to any individual/person on behalf of Japanese Trainers. We don't have any third party or agency to accept payment from Student/Parents. All payment should be done to our Parent company Account which is NIHON GAKKO PVT LTD. Online Course payment can be done through your credit card. We use a third party company 'CASH FREE' as a credit credit processing. All credit card payments should initiate from https://japanesetrainers.com/ after our approval of your registrations.