Higher Study in Japan

Students who come to Japan through DCJCS class and complete at least a year Japanese study with 90% attendance are eligible to apply for admission in colleges and universities here.

Admission conditions may vary according to each school. Students are supposed to be collect information from each college about admission during your DCJCS study period in Japan. Good score in the JLPT test makes your admission process even smoother.

National universities in Japan require JLPT score 2 for applying for admission. We provide special coaching for all students in our DCJCS class.

Higher Study in Japan through national universities is recommended only for the student who has a good score or above average score in education (In +12 or university) . If you think you are below average in study, we recommend continuing your education through the vocational training college in Japan.

Japanese government offers scholarships as well as 0% bank loans for foreign students.

The best way for applying for an admission in School/Colleges in Japan is

  • Join DCJCS class and come to Japan through our DCJCS class
  • During your DCJCS study in Japan apply for admission in various colleges and universities
  • Visa Sponsorship support available with part-time work permit in Japan through DCJCJ Class
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Online Regular Japanese Class
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Japanese teachers conduct classes from Tokyo, Japan
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DCJCJ Class for Job Seekers
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1-2 year regular class in Japan
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