Jobs In Japan

Japan is one the most developed countries inside the G8 group. Tokyo stands as the richest and the world largest hi-tech city in the world. Japan is the third largest economy in terms of GDP which is 4.9 trillion. The GDP of Tokyo city itself is the same as GDP of India. This economic power of this city makes Tokyo the richest and high-tech city in the world. Japan's second biggest city Osaka city itself accounts for 1/2 GDP of India. Japan's automobile city- Aichi itself accounts for 1/3 of total GDP of India, a major international automotive manufacturing hub and headquarters to Toyota. This huge market concentrated around the city faces labour shortage since 2010 Japanese government grant visa with work permit for foreigners those who have basic knowledge in Japanese to overcome the labour shortage in Japan

Japan offers job opportunities in Technology, Medical, Tourism, Hospitality, Mining, Transportation, Construction, Machinery Making, Electronic, Electronic and Robotic Engineering etc.

Average salary for any job in japan - Rs 20L per year !!!!
Average skilled Job salary in Japan - Rs 30 L per year
Average skilled Job Salary for experienced person - Rs 60L per year
Average salary for Experienced IT engineers, Doctors - RS 1Cr per year !!!!
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Following category of job has a huge demand in Japan

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Japan uses automated Roberts in many areas because of labour shortage.

Japan considers China, India, South Korea and Vietnam and Indonesia to overcome its labour shortage by recruiting labour force from these countries. But language barrier as well as the strict paperwork (Documentation for Visa Process, Admission in School, College, Recruitment in Various cooperates sectors) that is a big barrier for Japan to recruit labour force from these countries.

Japanese Trainers has Training Centre in India (Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta) and in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka). Our teachers and exporters know how the documentations come under other county standards with respect to the Japanese standard. Apart from the language barrier there is a difference in documentation style between these countries. Japanese Trainers work toward to reduce these barriers and help you to learn Japanese and find a job in Japan

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