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Weekend Online Japanese Language Course is a 3~6 months online Japanese Language class. In this course you can learn Japanese language class from beginner level. We teach Japanese Language Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in this course. If you never studied Japanese Language before, you can join this class . The 3 months online class covers lessons from very basic level to basic conversation level. We follow the same textbook and materials which are followed by all Japanese schools all over the world. You can continue Japanese study from basic Level to Native level through our school. 3 ~ 6 months online class will cover basic lesson(Elementary lessons)


You can ask questions to your teacher any time during the class.It is a live intractive online class. We don't have a recorded version of class. Classes are taken from Japan (Japanese Native Teachers) and India (Japanese Language teachers) . In this 3month online class you will have teachers from Japan and India. You need NOT to know or speak English to attend our class. Explanation will be available in your mother tongue

The day you completed admission process, we provide access to our study materials and we start your Japanese Language Training. You need to attend a 2~4 hour orienation class (4days 1hour - free orienation class ) for attending our class from 26th June 2022. In this 4 hour orienation class we will explain how to use study materials, how to attend class and we teach basic Japanese words using in our class. Join our class today and start to study(Prepare for class) today itself. Learn Japanese professionally through our class from Japanese Language Teachers. We guarantee Japanese Language reading, writing and speaking skills through our Training. If you can't make conversations in Japanese in 3 ~ 6 months through our class, we refund the tuition fee!!!.


Course Recommended for those who want to apply Jobs in a Japanese company in India or in Japan. Amazon, Google, Paypal, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Suzuki, Japan Railway, Bullet Rail Road Japan are few of the companies which are actively hiring employees from India to their office in Japan.The Japan is facing a huge shortage of employees. Many of the Japanese organisations(Both government and non government organisations) started directly recruiting employees from India. The only additional skill you must have, is the basic Japanese conversation skill as well as knowledge of Japanese culture . Our teachers know what you must learn to make conversations as well as what Japanese companies are expecting from your side. This course is suitable for those who want to go to Japan for higher study or for applying for jobs in Japan or Japanese Company in India. Please note if you want to travel to Japan for a Job or higher study through governmental or nongovernmental organizations, Japanese language skill is a must. Join our course and start to speak in Japanese confidently in 3 ~ 6 months.

online Japanese class


Weekend Online Japanese class is a great opportunity for Students, Fresh Graduate, Job seekers, Working professionals and Business people to learn Japanese from your home on weekend from an instructor.


Business people can expand your business to Japan without any other translators after completion of our course. Professionals and Jobseekers can start to apply for jobs in Japan after completion of our course. Student can apply for admission in Japanese universities and engineering colleges after our course


online Japanese class
online Japanese class Japanese Trainers have developed the easiest way to remember Japanese language. Our professional Japanese teachers teach you how to write(read) Japanese easily. Japanese pronunciation and grammer is very important. Our native Japanese professional teachers help you to speak Japanese confidently. You will learn and practice how to make conversation in Japanese in our weekend class. Our Weekend class also is a foundation class for your higher study or job search in Japan. You can continue your Japanese study in Japan through our DCJL course. Weekend online class is a professional Japanese class which helps you to apply for a job in Japan or a Japanese company in your homeland.
Through our Weekend Online Japanese Course, we cover the lesson which is equall to elementry level Japanese Trainers follow the same text book in our class which is followed by schools in Japan and all over the world. This gives you an international explore in your study as well as you can continue japanese study from anywhere in the world online Japanese class This helps our students for higher study in Japan through our DCJL course or for applying for jobs in Japan. Schools and colleges in Japan will recognise and accpect our Japanese course completion certificates as proof of your Japanese study.Course completion certificates will be issued only for the students who have our class attendance more than 95%.

Japanese Trainers Provide Japanese Language Training Certificates, for those who complete our course(You must have more than 90% class attendance to get our Certificates).

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Weekend Online Japanese Class deatils - Sunday batch
Class TypeLive Online class (Instructor lead class)
Lessons cover:Basic Japanese writing, reading, and speaking
Course Duration3 month and 2 weeks
Class Start dayJune 26th Sunday - 2022
Class Time - 10AM to 1pm (4 period - including 10 mintes break)
Sunday batch Class time/topic
Class Time(10am to 1pm) Teacher Name Lesson/Topic
10 am – 10.40 am Miss. Haru Zusuki Introduction to Japanese Letters/ Reading /Writing
10.45 am – 11.20 am Miss. Priyanka Payal Conversation/Listening Practice
11.25 am – 12.10 am Mr. Honda Nakano Japanese Grammar/Make sentence Practice
12.15 – 1pm Mr. Murali K Shortcut to new world of Japanese Kanji

Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJL

It is our goal is that each student who join in our class need to make conversation in Japanese. So we choose the best and easy method for you to achieve conversation level. We conduct free orientation classes for each student once we confirm your admission. We provide study materials and teach necessary Japanese words which we use frequently in classroom before starting date of class. (We teach frequently using Japanese words in the classroom, how to ask questions in Japanese, greetings etc) . So we recommend you to join as early as possible, before the starting date of class.
Our class students start to practice Japanese conversation from the first day itself. Most of our teachers are native Japanese Teachers. Teachers take classes from Japan(Tokyo) and Cochin. This is a great help to learn correct Japanese Pronunciations. We make sure that you are learning correct Japanese Pronunciations from the native Japanese teachers. If you can make conversation in Japanese, you can get job easily. Japanese Trainers language class grantee your reading, writing and conversation skill in Japanese.

Japanese Language Training - Weekend Course - Tuition fee
Per Month Tuition fee Total Course Duration Total tuition fee
3 Months
 2,500 × 3  =  7,500

Join this course before the seat gets full or tuition fee gose higher
Weekend Online(Saturday batch)- Japanese Language Course Admission Steps
  • Call us for registration and admission or register through website, we will call you back and complete admission process
  • Verification and Approval of your registration/admission by our teacher.
  • If your registration is approved by our teacher, We sent an invoice(Via email or Whatapp). You need to pay at least one month tuition fee in advance to get admission to Weekend Online Class. You can make a direct cash deposit or bank transfer(NEFT/ or google pay) to our company account.Or you can also login back to our website(After registration verification) and make payment using credit card/Net banking
  • After payment confirmation, We conduct orientation class. Our instructor/Teacher will explain how to use study materials before start date of our class
  • Login to the Japanese Trainers website. Download study materials.Start to prepare for the upcoming class.
  • Our instructor/teacher calls you periodically and help with study materials. On class start date you can attend class from your computer or smartphone
  • First two class will be counted as free trial/demo classes. Those who are not interested in the class can cancel your enrollment on or before second day of class. Tuition fee will be refunded to your account according to our cancellation and refund policy
Our online class is conducted from Tokyo city, in Japan.Through our class, you will start to practice Japanese conversation on the first day itself. You need NOT to know or speak English or Japanese to join our class. But you need to speak Japanese from the second class itself. We teach each and everything for speaking Japanese confidently.

  • Japanese Trainers do not accept cash payment for your enrollment to Weekend Online Japanese Course through any individual or person. All payment is limited through NIHON GAKKO PVT LTD bank account. Please don't make any cash payment to any individual/person on behalf of Japanese Trainers. We don't have any third party or agency to accept payment from Student/Parents. All payment should be done to our Parent company Account which is NIHON GAKKO PVT LTD. Online Course payment can be done through your credit card. All credit card payments should initiate from our sequre site - after our approval of your registrations.

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