Japanese Trainers Language School Course Overview

Japanese Trainers offer course for study in Japan is the Dual Country Japanese Language (DCJL) course.

The DCJL course has 5 month Japanese study in India, and 1-2 year Japanese study in Japan. We sponsor your visa and part-time work permit

In your 3 month class in India, we teach basic Japanese language, followed by 1-2 year study in our school in Japan . Japanese native teachers take classes. During your DCJL study period in Japan you can do a part-time job and earn money. School provides everything for your study including the 5 star hostel accommodations, health insurance in Japan. The admission procedure for joining our DCJL course and study in Japan is very simple, you can start your admission process through this website. .This is a great opportunity to fulfill your abroad study dreams Read more...

Online Japanese Course are 3 month online course, which does not offer your study in Japan.

Japanese classes are taken by our well-trained staffs who are the natives of Tokyo and Osaka city in Japan. Online classes are directly taken from Japan by Japanese Native Teachers.

You don't need to know English to attend the classes because we teach everything in Japanese. We teach with the help of pictures and videos so that you can easily understand lessons. We sponsor your Visa for your study in Japan those who join our DCJL course.


Advantages of our courses

  • You can attend our online class from your home
  • You can ask doubts to our teachers and it will be answered at the moment since we are taking classes live.
  • We conduct seminars and events (Webinar due to COVID-19 ) about immigration to Japan, job opportunities in Japan, higher study in Japan, health insurance in Japan, daily life and part-time job in Japan, food and culture in Japan etc in every month. Entry to our immigration seminar is free for course registered people.
  • Visa sponsorship (with part time work permit) will be provided to those who decide to continue studies in Japan through our’ Dual Country Japanese Language (DCJL) Course.
  • We, provide Visa sponsorship (with part time work permit) for your first family members also (spouse or parents) through Dual Country Japanese Language (DCJL) Course
  • You don't need any TOFEL or any job offer to join our DCJL course. You can travel to Japan, live in Japan and work (Part-time) in Japan during the study period of our DCJL course.
  • You can change your course to another course during your study period. Regular class students can change to DCJL class without paying any extra fee.


Main lesson we teach in our course

  • Lesson for writing and reading Japanese letters
  • Conversation lesson
  • Grammar lesson
  • Lesson of business Japanese
  • Basics lesson about culture and tradition of Japan


Japanese Trainers(JT) course is suitable for following:

  • For talking with Japanese people on your vacation trip or business trip to Japan,
  • Finding a Job in Japan after (during) our course,
  • For higher study in Japan,
  • For your Job Training in Japan,
  • For learning a foreign language which opens many job opportunities in Japan and in India,
  • For those who want to live in Japan for short-time or who want to immigrate to Japan, we offer the best class through our School for your Japanese study in India and in Japan.