Japanese Language Regular Course - (5 Month Weekday Regular Class)
Japanese Language Regular class start on November 2021 Click here to Register
Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJL

Japanese Language Regular Course is a 5 month online Japanese Language class. In this course you can learn Japanese language class from beginner level to Intermediate Level. We teach Japanese Language writing, reading, and listening in this course. Through this course, those who never studied Japanese Language before, can learn Japanese from 0- level to intermediate level . The 5 month online class covers lessons from very basic level to intermediate level lessons Those who have already started to learn Japanese from other institutes also can join this course and continue your Japanese study. Through this course you will start to speak Japanese from 1st month onwards.


You can ask questions to your teacher any time during the class.It is a live intractive online class. We don't have a recorded version of class. Classes are taken from both Japan (Japanese Native Teachers) and India (Certified Japanese Teachers). Teachers from Japan are native Japanese teachers. Japanese Teachers from India are Certified Japanese Language teachers . In this 5month online class you will have teachers from Japan and India. You need NOT to know or speak English to attend our class.

Professionals/working people can join our weekend class to learn Japanese.

Japanese Language Certification Class deatils
Class TypeLive Online class taken by Japanese Teachers(No Recorded video)
Course Duration5 month
Lessons cover:Elementry Level, Advanced Elementry Level - (Conversation/Writing/Reading Level)
Class dayMon - Wednesday - Friday (3 days per week or 9 hour per week)
Class Time10am to 1 pm (4 period)
TeachersJapanese Native Teachers (Teachers from Japan) and Japanese Language Certified Teachers(Teachers from India)
Medium of Teaching*Most of our student's japanese knowledge is 0. Medium of teaching is Japanese which can understand by everyone.
*CertificationJapanese Langauge Skill Certificate.

*First few class will be with help of pictures and actions. Once you start to understand basic Japanese, classes will be only in Japanese.It is our goal is that each student who join in our class need to make conversation in Japanese. So we choose the best and easy method for you to achieve conversation level. Study materials(Grammar notes, Vocabulary) will be available both in English and your local language(please consult with us). We provide study materials in advance to students.

Class Time and Lessons
Class Time(10am to 1 pm, Mon-Wed-Fri - 3 days class per week)
10 am – 10.40 amIntroduction to Japanese Letters/ Reading /Writing
10.45 am – 11.20 amConversation/Listening Practice/
11.25 am – 12.10 am Japanese Grammar/Make sentence Practice
12.15 – 1pm Shortcut to new world of Japanese Kanji/ Drill (eg: 木,本)/ Read/Write

Online class is a Live class. We don't use a recorded version of online class. Classes are taken by both Japanese native teachers from Japan and certified Japanese teachers from India.

Depending on the number of students and level of your Japanese language ability the class time and number of classes per week may slightly vary.


Japanese Language Regular Course
Per Month Tuition fee Duration Total tuition fee
5 Months 18,000.00
 3,600 × 5  =  18,000
Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJLJapanese Langauge skill Certificate for those who complete this course. All Ltd Company, schools, colleges and vocational schools in Japan, will recognize our certificates as proof of your Japanese Study. Certificates issue in Japanese and English. So you don't need to translate to Japanese for use in Japan. Those who have 95% attendance more are eligible to get our Certificate.Join in our course will not guarantee your certificates but 95% or above attendance will guarantee your certificates. Those who take a long break during the course(e.g. 1 month), need to attend 1 more month of class even after the course finishes.