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Japanese Language Summer Vacation Course Course is a 2 month instructor lead live online Japanese Language class. Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJLIn this course students will learn reading, writing, listening and speaking lessons in Japanese Language. Students who are already interested in Japanese anime like Dora, Doraemon, Manka and those who are interested in learning technology leading countries' languages Japanese. Students who are already interested in the Japanese language can join our course. Through this course, those who never studied Japanese Language before, can learn Japanese from alphabets. Our language expert teaches students new languages the same way they learn their mother tongue. The new language you will be learning through fun and interesting methods. Language expert teachers lead students from very basic lessons without making it hard to remember new things. We use pictures and actions to convey new words and ideas to students for a few classes until they are able to understand Japanese.
Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJL


You can ask questions to your teacher any time during the class.It is a live interactive online class. We don't have a recorded version of class. Language expert teachers teach students lessons in a very easy and fun way. So students can learn new languages through fun and enjoyment during this summer Vacation.

Jobseekers/Professionals/working people can join our Professionals Japanese Lanagugage (weekend/weekday) class to learn Japanese.

Professional Japanese Course Class deatils
Class TypeInstructor lead Live Online class taken by language teachers
Course Duration2 month
Lessons cover:Elementry Level Level - (Writing/Reading/Speaking/listining Level)
Class dayMonday Wednesday (2 days per week)
Class Time7am to 9am(Early Morning Batch) 10am to 12 pm (Morning Batch) OR 8pm to 10pm (Late Evening batch )
CertificationJapanese Language Course completion certificate
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Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJL Japanese Trainers have developed the easiest way to remember Japanese language. Our professional Japanese teachers teach you how to write(read) Japanese easily. Japanese pronunciation and grammer is very important. Our native Japanese professional teachers help you to speak Japanese confidently. You will learn and practice how to make conversation in Japanese in our Summer Vacation class. Our Summer Vacation class also is a foundation class for your higher study or job search in Japan. You can continue your Japanese study in Japan through our DCJL course. Summer Vacation class is a professional Japanese class which helps you start speaking in Japanese in this Summer Vacation.
In this course, we cover the lesson which isequall to basic elementry level. Japanese Trainers follow the same text book in our class which is followed by schools in Japan and all over the world. This gives you an international explore in your study as well as you can continue japanese study from anywhere in the world after this summer class. Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJL We have a pool of Japanese Teachers from different countries. Those teachers explore different countries' valuable cultures and traditions to our students. While learning Japanese Language you will start to think that there is a world that you can travel in future and there are more job opportunities around you than you can think now. online Japanese classTraditional ways of education limit you to think that their only job opportunities which are teaching, engineering and medicine. As a technology leader country in the world Japan gives many job opportunities in the field of technologies, robotic engineering, blockchain technologies, Arts, Hospitality and a lot more that you need to explore.
So you get international exposure through our Summer Vacation Japanese Language class. This not only helps you to learn Japanese Language but also it gives more hope and ambitions to their future days


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