About Japan

Japanese society is a very active and vibrant society. Japanese people follow the rules and regulations of the country as well as traditions. Following the law is the responsibility of each person. Breaking law is not acceptable in any situation inside Japanese society.

Japanese people usually do not follow any particular religion. There is no caste system in Japan. All People including foreigners will be treated as equals, and in equal respect. All people are free to follow what they like

Japan is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Japanese society is a harmonious, egalitarian society. Women and children can live, work, and travel safely in Japan. People can enjoy personal freedom in Japan more than any other country in the world. People are allowed to follow any religion and participate in religious activity in Japan.

Foreigners need a visa/work permit to work in Japan. Our DCJL students will get part-time work permit during our course study period.

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In Japan people use rice as the main food. Vegetables and fish come as side dishes. For vegetarian people, the same as in your country, you can find a variety of vegetarian dishes in Japan. Foreigners are free to eat anything which they like, and there are no laws regarding what you need to eat or not to eat. Only the fresh and good items are allowed to sell through any store. You can see many of the people here in Japan drink raw milk which is bought from stores. These items are purified before their sale.

Japanese people also follow some traditional eating habits which are very different from the rest of the world. Japanese people live longer and look younger. Most of the people believe that the longer life and younger look of Japanese people is related to their eating habits. Join our online class and ask your teacher about what food that helps to reduce your age and look younger!!!

Health Insurance

All people will be covered by the Medical Insurance plan. Foreigners excluding tourists need to Join Medical Insurance. Usually your employer in Japan will sponsor your job Insurance and Pension Insurance along with your job. Usually working people in Japan do not change their employer (Job). However Job Insurance will guarantee your salary for a period of 6 month after you quit your job


Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The 4 different seasons in the year are very visible in Japan. As different from many western countries, there is no long winter or shorter spring season in Japan. Each season lasts only 3month in Japan.

In winter people will start to play in snow. Skiing and snowboard is the most common game in winter

In the summer there will be a lot of summer games and festivals around beaches.

In spring you can watch the beautiful cherry-blooms. You will forget to take back your eye from a full bloomed cherry tree. It will be a very enjoyable moment to have food with your friends and family under the cherry-blooms tree. Don't forget to take a few photos.

In autumn, you can enjoy the beauty of the red and yellow leaf that is just waiting to fall in front of your eyes.

Come to Japan through our DCJL course and enjoy the beauty of Japan. We provide part-time work permit to all our DCJL students.

Study Japanese Language in Japan with Job - DCJL Course Sports/Martial Arts

Martial Arts such as Karate, Judo, Aikido and Sumo are originated from Japan. Baseball is more popular in Japan. Foreigners like to play soccer and cricket in Japan

Let us discuss more about Japanese culture, tradition and lifestyle, business style, greeting, manners through our class room.

Join our online class and ask more about Japan to your teacher


What you say about travelling to the home land of automobile companies such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki? These are the Japanese companies who design and engineer cars that run smoothly in Indian roads!!! Japan’s main manufacturing industries are automobile, aerospace, ship building and Roberts

We encourage you to learn Japanese trough our DCJCS class and join vocational training colleges in Japan. Learn about the engineering technology behind automobile, aerospace, ship and Roberts through the vocational training colleges in Japan.

In Japan Robert started to supply dishes at restaurants. Japan has a huge shortage of food suppliers in restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels .Robert supply food dishes to customers because there are not enough employees in Japan

At a very busy street in Japan, it will be difficult to find a Tea Shop or Soft Drink shop. But you can buy both through an automated vending Machine

Let us talk more about it through our online class.


Only Japanese language is used in Japan. All documents are written in Japanese only. Japanese people don't use English. Without knowing basic Japanese language, it will be difficult for foreigners to find a job or travel in Japan.

Japanese people document each and every thing in detail. Japan has its own style of documentation, bio-data writing, and application sending style etc.

Apart from teaching Japanese, Japanese Trainers(JT) have expert staff in documentation and they will be helping to prepare your document for visa applications etc. Japanese people are very helpful and kind people, but if you could not speak words in Japanese, they may not help you.

If you think about Japan, the first step you need to take is join our online Japanese class and study Japanese. Let us discuss more about Japanese culture, tradition, lifestyle, business style, greeting, manners through our class room. online Japanese class