Study in Japan
Japanese Trainers Study in Japan Course is known as DCJL course.

Through our Study in Japan (DCJL ) Course Japanese Trainers provide great opportunity for students, graduates, fresh graduates and job seekers and working professional for Study in Japan with a part-time job.


online Japanese classStudy in Japan with a part-time job is the dream of many students.

Study in Japan with a part-time job is the dream of many students. You can full fill your dream of part-time job in Japan along with Study in Japan by Join our DCJL course. Through your part-time job during our DCJL course study period in Japan, you will get fixed monthly salary.


Our DCJL course is a Japanese Language study Course where you can take admission from India and complete the course at Japan through our school at Japan. In DCJL course you need to study Japanese language from India max of 5 months and in Japan 1-2 year study. You can attend Classes at India as online. But you need to travel to Japan to attend classes in Japan.

Please note down that DCJL student must attend Japanese Language class in morning at Japan. Only after noon you will be allowed to work and earn money.

Job seekers or currently working people can use this opportunity for learning a new language as well as getting an international job experience through your part-time job at Japan.

Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJLJapanese Trainers will help to change your study visa to work visa during the study period of DCJL at Japan. Assistance with Visa conversion to working visa is only with conditions. According to our condition we provide assistance those who completed 6 month part-time work. The part-time work should be come under one of Japanese Trainers suggested job. If you are already a student of our DCJL student in India or Japan, please contact our office for further details

Japanese Trainers sponsor your visa

During your DCJL course study period we sponsor your visa and provide the work permit (part-time). Students those who travel to Japan trough our DCJL course, can work at Japan and get your monthly salary to your bank account.

During your classes in India, Japanese trainers will make sure you have learned basic Japanese and completed the given lesson from our school before you travel to Japan. We don't want our student face any language difficulties in your part-time work filed during our DCJL study period in Japan.

Japanese Trainers is an accredited School from Japan and student those who take admission in our DCJL course do not required any other additional Language certificate to travel to Japan.


online Japanese class

Study Japanese in Japan with a part-time Job through our DCJL Ccourse

Once you take admission in our DCJL course, you can relax; Apart from our Japanese language classes in Japan and in India, we process everything for you, we sponsor your visa, we prepare your documents and file it in Japan for your immigration, we received you at airport once you reach at Japan. We complete you necessary paper work at Japan. We make sure you attend our classes every day in Japan. We assist you to place you in part-time/full time job in Japan. Japanese Trainer's Goal is your bright future in Japan.

online Japanese class Study Japanese Language in Japan with a part-time job at Japan

online Japanese class