Study Japanese Language at Japan with a Job – DCJL Course

DCJL stand for Dual Country Japanese Language course. This course is conducting by Japanese Trainers at India and Japan. It is an accredited Dual country Japanese Lanauge Course from Japan.

Japanese class in India and Japan - DCJLAs the name indicates, you will take admission for this course from India. You can study Japanese language at India for 3 to 5 month. Form 6th month you need to travel to Japan and complete Japanese language study in1 to 2 year at Japan. From year 2019 Dec, you can attend class at India online. However you cannot attend classes at Japan online. You need to be in Japan to attend classes at Japan. Japanese trainers sponsor visa for our DCJL students.

You will get your certificates from our school at Japan after completion of our course. For taking admission or for continue your study at Japan, DCJL student dose not required any other certification.

Can I get my salary in my bank account while I study DCJL course?

Yes, you can get monthly salary while you Study our DCJL course at Japan. The main advantage of this course is you can learn Japanese language at Japan with minimum cost and work as part-time employee. During our study period of DCJL course at Japan you will get a monthly salary more than RS 80K from your part-time job. While you studying you can work and get work/job experience from Japan through our DCJL course. Those who want to change to full time employee, we support during or after our DCJL course.

Japanese Trainers also assist for covering your visa status to full time work visa. Job Seekers, Fresh Graduates, and Professionals can use this opportunity to get international work experience and settle in Japan.

Japanese trainers focus and help you to settle your life in Japan apart from teaching Japanese Language

Just sending you to Japan through our DCJL course is not our Goal. It is our goal that you build your life at Japan and make your dream true. So we give support for each student, Job seekers or professionals apart from Teaching Japanese Langue. Once you reach there we want see that you attend class daily, do part-time work every day and you build your daily life. You must be able to live at Japan for long time. So we do following assistance soon after you reach at Japan.  

Before you travel to Japan, you will receive advance guidance on living in Japan. Old students from our previous batch those who work there and current student at Japan will give seminars and class for you.

Transportation from the airport will be arranged on your arrival. Reprehensive from our school at Japan and our office administrate people will be coming to receive you at airport.

Take you to our school - Initial greeting with our teachers and current students.

We make sure you can reach school every day without any commutation issues

Accompany you to the city hall where you live, as well as help you with paperwork’s such as resident registration, insurance payment, etc.

Help you to rent a house (Those who not using School dormitory) , open a bank account, sign contracts for a mobile phone/internet connections electricity and gas, etc in Japan.

We make sure your life in Japan is comfortable

Japanese society, how to use transportation, and how to respond in the event of an earthquake or other disasters – we provide seminars and class before you travel)

Introduce main shopping centres and restaurants

Support for finding full time a job. Support for find/change current part-time job.

In 1-2 days you will be circled with new friends. We give your time to make your new life in Japan

When you have any problems, you can receive consultations from our school.

Support for extending/converting your visa status

Japanese trainers provide 24 hour support for our student in Japan

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