Vocational Training in Japan

Students who come to Japan through our DCJL class and complete at least one year Japanese study here in Japan with 90% attendance are eligible to apply for admission in professional job training colleges in Japan. But admission conditions may vary according to each school. Students are supposed to be collect information from each college about admission during your DCJL study period in Japan

Study Japanese Language in Japan with Job - DCJL Course

Vocational training colleges are professional job training colleges affiliated with universities in Japan. Vocational colleges/Schools provide certification/diploma in their respective field of study. Japanese government offers scholarships as well as 0% bank loans for foreign students.

We recommend vocational training schools in Japan for all students who are smart with their creativity and confidence in their ability. Students, who CAN'T score high grades in your school education that does not mean that those students don't have any other skill. Vocational training schools in Japan give professional job training for each student. Use your creativity skill and take training from Vocational training schools.This will help you to get a job with a starting salary of 35L~ per year.

Average salary for any job in japan - Rs 20L per year !!!!
Average skilled Job salary in Japan - Rs 40 L per year
Average skilled Job Salary for experienced person - Rs 60L per year
Average salary for Experienced IT engineers, Doctors - RS 1Cr per year !!!!

Japan welcomes foreign students from all over the world to vocational training colleges . Japan is only one country which offers scholarships as well as 0% bank loans to foreign students also.

Study Japanese Language in Japan with Job - DCJL Course

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